Ticketless operations

Apart from traditional access systems for short-term users and pass holders, Meypar offers innovative solutions with the aim of minimizing maintenance and the use of resources by integrating new technologies that optimize usage. These operations make it possible to turn parking into a marketing tool and to provide the greatest possible ease of use for the parking customers. These are the ticketless access solutions.

License-plate identification

The ticketless solutions for short-term users with license plate identification are based on a license plate recognition, recording and registration system that integrates an LPR camera into the parking facility's access control system. The registration number of the user's vehicle is associated to the operation, allowing for the payment of the parking fee, through various means, and its identification at the time of departure.

Bluetooth identification

The integration of Bluetooth antennas in the entry and exit zones, allows external pass holders to access the facility through the identification of the user's mobile phone through NFC protocols, providing they have a Bluetooth connection. Meypar offers an integral solution with the Meypar Mobile Smart Pass application (Check the availability in your country).

TAG identification

With this configuration, the access controls at the entry and exit points of the parking facility have RFID antennas integrated into the system. When the user gets close to the detection zone, the system reads the TAG identification and reports its presence. Depending on the configuration, the system consults the parking facilities' pass holder database or an external platform, such as ViaT, to authorize and register the operation.

Identification of license plate at exit

This operation allows short-term users to access the parking facility by issuing a ticket. At the parking facility entry point, an LPR camera registers the vehicle’s license plate and communicates it to the server. This then registers the operation associated to the license plate. After making the payment for parking, the user’s vehicle is recognized at the exit without the need of presenting a ticket.

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