Dispensers and readers

Emitter terminals and readers, in combination with the range of automatic barriers, provide a simple and reliable solution for access control to your car park with minimal infrastructure.

These compact and easy-to-install units have a front panel where the peripherals are configured according to the function of the terminal and the needs of a specific operation model. They are equipped with a 2D code reading scanner (QR), either by means of a hard copy or on the screen of mobile devices, capable of reading the information contained in the code in the most adverse ambient lighting conditions. For the issue of tickets, the input terminals incorporate a thermal printer on roll or fanfold with the capacity to issue 5,000 tickets without interruption.

Optionally, the terminals can integrate Mifare proximity card readers and recorders to meet the needs of parking pass holders with contactless cards as a means of identification. They can also integrate long-range TAG antennas.

They have a 7-inch TFT screen arranged vertically to keep the user informed of the status of the operation, as well as IP intercom options with voice and image connected to the control centre to instantly attend to any remote support request.

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