Nexus - Centralization

Nexus is Meypar’s cloud-based solution for the centralization of multiple parking lots, designed to optimize remote management and assistance of parking facilities and to optimize decision-making in your business. The control center monitors the occupancy, status and incidents of the equipment in real time, in addition to enabling basic operations. The dashboard provides consolidated information, giving an overview of operations, payment collection, occupancy, length of stays and fraud. It allows a high degree of configuration of the query filters and views to adapt to different ways of working and user preferences. Nexus includes a complete module for consulting and managing products such as passes, discounts and reservations, among others. Nexus centralizes and administers the web services that allow your parking facilities to interact with external systems: payment platforms and applications, loyalty cards, validation, reservations, external control centers and ERP or CRM systems, among others.

Nexus is a platform with an advanced conceptual, technological and visual design. The user interface is adapted to any device running a simple web browser, and it provides visual and graphic management tools that create an easy-to-use and intuitive environment. It is built on an open architecture and is developed with universal technology to guarantee scalability and adaptation to new products and services in the future.

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