Our service levels are a key part of Meypar's strategy. Our aim is not only to supply technology, but also to build long-term relationships. This aim is only achieved by offering services that meet your needs before, during and after purchasing a Meypar solution.


In each of our business dealings, we draw on the knowledge of the entire organization to find the best solution for your needs. This includes conducting mobility studies to identify the most appropriate solution for each project.


We place the development capacity of our software, hardware and mechanical engineers at your fingertips to create customized solutions.


Having our own production center gives us complete control over the quality, manufacturing timelines and flexibility needed to offer competitive technological solutions.


Our team of installers and network of authorized Meypar distributors makes sure your solutions are installed property, and guarantees that the systems will function perfectly from the moment they start up.


Our Service Desk gives training programs to bring your staff up to speed on how to manage and operate the access control system and how to perform basic maintenance tasks.

Customer Service Desk

In addition to training, the Customer Service Desk provides you with any remote support you need, making sure that any anomalies are addressed, answering questions regarding the use or configuration of the solution, as well as fielding your needs for expansions of and improvements to the system.

Technical assistance service

Meypar has a team of specialist technicians that can help you with any need in your facility. The Technical Assistance Service also coordinates the national and international network of technical assistance services authorized by the brand in order to make sure the service is provided properly.

Preventive maintenance programs

Meypar offers different kinds of preventive maintenance programs tailored to your needs.


Meypar offers detailed installation, operation and maintenance manuals, as well as other very useful technical documents.

Supply of spare parts

As manufacturers, we have a large stock of components, so we can guarantee that spare parts will be supplied quickly.


All devices manufactured by Meypar come with a 1 year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

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