Onstreet parking

IoT & Smart City

The Internet of things and smart cities Two rapidly growing concepts born in the 21st century. They come together in the search for efficiency and sustainability. Their application is universal and embraces education, health, energy, communications and mobility. It is in this latter area where Meypar is developing innovative and efficient solutions that are helping to improve the mobility of people in urban areas.

An overall look at mobility: administrations and people

Parking in urban areas continues to be one of the main focal points for local administrations. Meypar proposes solutions for management of these areas that optimises short-term parking control and infrastructure maintenance and reduces fraud. The level of service to the public is at the same time increased by providing them with transparent, more convenient and safer technology. The Vía and Nexus solutions contribute to improving vehicle movements in search of parking spaces, whilst at the same time reducing the environmental impact that this traffic generates.

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