Nexus control center

Innovation for more efficient mobility

Nexus is the nerve center of Meypar's technological solution for Smart Cities. The web environment platform, hosted on high-performance servers, manages the parking meter network and services necessary for the operation of controlled urban parking zones. Using a web services layer, it integrates platforms for mobile payment, surveillance and fine applications, or information services, among others.

Detailed and configurable visual information

The control panel user interface allows instant monitoring and consultation of all operations: car parks, payment of fines, alarms, receipts, payment means, etc. The reference tables and graphics are fully configurable so the interface can be adapted to the working mode and needs of each operator.

Total control in real time

A second module handles control and surveillance, by monitoring, on an interactive map and in real time, the status of the stations and any form of alarm that may occur. This same module updates the equipment's software and manages fees and configurations.

Comprehensive management of indoor and outdoor parking

Through Nexus and the Adventa solution for access control to car parks, Meypar is capable of configuring an integrated control and management platform for operators running indoor car parks and controlled parking zones. Nexus is a solution in constant evolution. Its capacity for integration with other systems through the web services layer allows constant development of new and powerful functionalities.

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