Optima 360

Optima 360, a comprehensive solution for street parking control

The new Optima 360 multifunction parking meter meets the current needs of local authorities for outdoor parking control in cities. Ergonomic, accessible and versatile equipment, optimised to facilitate and speed up users' payment operations. Designed with ecological, energy efficiency and high security criteria in mind, a high degree of customisation and integration is possible to adapt it to models used by different operators and cities.

Ergonomic and accessible

The new, more intuitive, simplified and multi-language user interface, displayed through a 10.1-inch, anti-glare, vertically arranged touch screen, facilitates payment transactions. The user perceives an experience of control and knowledge of the status of the payment process, which results in faster transactions and greater user satisfaction. Optima 360 parking meters comply with current regulations on usability and accessibility for people with reduced mobility, and have been designed on the basis of the EN12414 standard.

Compact and environmentally friendly

In its standard version, the equipment offers autonomous power thanks to a battery of up to 75 Ah and a 20 W photovoltaic solar panel, which can be adjusted to maximise solar energy collection. The increase in battery life is helped by the reduction in power consumption provided by the display, with automatic brightness control. The vehicle identification operation using number plate recognition allows for ticketless operations without any ticket printing, optionally replaced by digital receipts, which reduces maintenance and consumable costs. The manufacturing materials and components in the equipment are 95% recyclable.

Resistant and safe

It is equipped with a screen that is highly resistant to impact, scratching, fire, weather and ultraviolet light from the sun. The unit is made of 2 mm stainless steel, with an anti-drill interior finish and high security locks. Optionally, the parking meter can be protected by an anti-theft alarm, remote detection of attacks and send notifications to alarm centres. The multiple payment solutions integrated into the equipment, apart from coin and credit card payments, such as mobile payment applications, NFC contactless payment or citizen cards, facilitate cashless operations, eliminating the risk of theft and collection work costs.

A versatile, customisable and open solution

The Optima 360 parking meter communicates in real time and via 3G and 4G networks with the Nexus platform, the web-based solution that provides control centre, control panel and operation features, along with configuration of the equipment network. The configuration module facilitates great flexibility in the creation of special rates, discounts, gratuities, the issuing of advertising and information on parking meters, as well as integration with surveillance applications and other services.

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