Via parking meter

Smart solutions at the heart of the Smart City

The Vía series parking meters combine experience and technology. On the one hand, knowledge of the needs of administrations and operators, both in search of robust and reliable solutions that provide a return on investment, easy maintenance and continuity of service. And on the other hand, the most advanced payment system technology, identification, communications and low consumption for constructing high-capacity equipment that is easy to use and designed to adapt to new service demands and technological advancements.

Advanced interface

Equipped with a colour, large format touchscreen, As well as allowing improved interaction with the user through an intuitive interface, they can also be turned into information points with multimedia capability.

Real-time, two-way communication

They are capable of communicating in real-time through any GPRS/3G-4G and Ethernet network. On the one hand, this connectivity allows monitoring of its operating status, as well as any remote changes to rates, the user interface and its software. On the other hand, it opens up a world of possibilities for providing an online communication channel between users and administrations: such as an activity calendar, advertising or service information, among others.

Multiple payment methods

The Vía series is designed for integrating, as a configurable option, multiple payment systems: EMV credit cards, coins and notes, payment by mobile and virtual wallet solutions. It can also incorporate a scanner for reading QR codes. This feature allows the implementation of discount voucher campaigns, number plate reading or any other medium identified with this technology.

Open to other systems

The open architecture of the Vía and Nexus solutions forms a platform that can be integrated into other Smart City systems, such as management of electrical vehicle charging, bicycle hire services or public information systems. It thereby contributes to the optimisation of urban furniture and the reduction of infrastructure costs.

At the forefront of design

The Vía series is the result of a 360° design. Mechanics, electronics and software are combined to create robust, reliable equipment that is easy for operators to maintain and with low consumption. It is at the same time attractive, ergonomic and easy-to-use for the public.

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