Nexus – Centralization of parking lots

Nexus is Meypar's cloud solution designed for the optimization of assistance, control, information gathering and centralized management of multiple parking lots remotely and in real time. The user interface is structured in three modules with functions that cover the needs of different user profiles:

• Control center: it facilitates remote assistance and control in order to optimize the need for on-site human resources in the parking lot.
• Dashboard: it gives access to consolidated and permanently updated information to optimize the decision-making process.
• Products and marketing: it facilitates the implementation of multi-station products and services to optimize their centralized management.

The user interface is optimized for access from any type of device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone, with the only requirement being to have a web browser and internet connection. In the various modules that make up the Nexus user interface, priority is given to intuitive navigation, operational simplicity and the presentation of relevant and visual information. The entire architecture of the platform is developed with universal technology, which is easily scalable and integrable, on a robust and secure infrastructure that ensures instant response and permanent availability.

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